24" X 33" X 3"  Mixed Media on Custom Wood Panel


The Iridescent Series


If you are drawn to this collection, it’s for a reason. Each piece has layers of heartfelt emotion, esoteric healing energies, and empowering attributes embedded within. It's essentially my soul reaching out to yours, and I thank you for being here.  ~jk


Color Palette  The colors are chosen specifically to evoke emotion. Sometimes it’s calming, other times it’s energizing. Sometimes it’s a little bit of both depending upon where you place your focus.


Twine I believe we are all connected to source energy and to each other. To convey this theory, I place string deliberately to take viewers on a journey of twists, turns and offshoots that mirrors our lives and the life choices we make. The most significant point is that no matter what tribulations we face along the way, we’re still a part of something bigger than ourselves.  


Natural Fibers  I choose the renewable resource of hemp fibers to represent the power of nature and the calming impact it has on the mind, body, and soul. In this calm state, I find it easier to connect to a higher vibration.


Words  I embed words into my paintings. It’s not the words themselves that matter, but the energy behind them. I choose words that resonate with healing, inspiration, and highest vibrational energy. I believe that that energy becomes a part of the painting and as it hangs in my clients’ homes, it emanates strength and resilience, wholeness and peace, joy and love. 


The Three Dots  It’s representative of being in alignment in body, mind, and soul. 


Three Lines  Most of my work has three lines worked into it somewhere. It represents balance. I select relevant media to place in such a way that offers a pleasing effect to the eye. 


Abstract Format One of my favorite things about abstract art is that it allows the viewer to tap into their subconscious and reflect/project whatever’s going on in there in a way that can be enlightening. 

Iridescents  I love that these are only visible in certain light or from particular angles. It’s the perfect tool to convey the idea that there are energetic fields all around us, and even though most of us aren’t able to see them, they still exist.

Impromptu Possibilities


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