36" x 48" x 1"  Mixed Media on Canvas, Framed in Contemporary White

This is a transitional piece between the Elements Series and the Light Series.


The Elements Series

Created with natural elements such as the reclaimed wood panels and natural fibers.  The hemp twine weaves throughout the paintings representing the common thread that binds us all.  Everything is energy and everything is connected.  

From the heaven and skies above,

to the dirt we set our feet upon, to the center of the Earth.  

We are all connected and our lives are interwoven with a purpose.

​The Light Series

These each have a focal point of an ethereal light that draws your eye whether you want it to or not.  

It takes you to a place that is beyond any Earthly problems to a place of peace, hope, comfort and the knowing that all is going to be ok.  

There is a divine guidance leading you in a direction, leading you to a path of light and love.



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