30" x 40" x 1" Oil on Canvas, framed in contemporary white.


Light of Amelia in January is inspired by the raw beauty of the sea on a cold winter January day.   The locale is on the northern tip of Fort Clinch State Park Aquatic Preserve on Amelia Island, Florida, USA.  

There is a peacefulness in the solitude, a calmness in knowing that there is something much bigger than you and any problems you perceive to have.  

There is a pure and overwhelmingly deep appreciation for nature and God while staring out to the sea as the wind whips carelessly through your hair.

It would be an extraordinary view to live on the coast and see this everyday. If you take home the ocean, consider taking home this painting. 

A custom oil painting is the best souvenir of a special trip in a tasteful way that you can proudly display in your home to reminisce everyday of your fond memories.

​To learn more about Fort Clinch, Amelia Island, Florida, USA, click here.

Light of Amelia in January


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