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What’s a Personal Artist and 3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting One

A Personal Artist is similar to a professional photographer who use their talent and experience to capture your precious moments with images, whereas personal artists leverage their unique talents and style to create original art and/or enhance the experience of an event.

People who opt for this service generally prefer a deeper connection to the world around them through art.

As an artist that has offered this service for well over a decade, I find it exciting that more people are catching on to the concept of having art created specially for them and inspired by their own vacations, life events and stories.  Even businesses and pocket locales have taken to personal artists as a way to elevate their brand’s status as they subtly convey their unique quotient values to clients.

Only until recently has my particular niche gained mainstream attention.  A major benefit in procuring a personal artist (at least for my particular style) is being able to incorporate intangibles that can’t be captured in photos or videos. 

I integrate elements including dirt or sand from the location to create texture...if a song is playing while something spectacular happens, I will layer in that sheet music.  I have also manipulated color, architectural elements, written word, and more to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art based solely on my client’s situation.  

Personal art is a beautiful way to savor a memory or experience, create an heirloom painting, or impress your brand.  

If you are considering hiring a personal artist, there are some important points you need to know.  

Artist Jenny King sketching for a private event.

First, be sure to find an artist that reflects your taste.  Each artist has their own defining style.  If you ask them to alter that style to accommodate you, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.  Imagine asking Mick Jagger to sing opera.

For example, I have a very distinct contemporary-impressionistic-abstract style.  Most of my paintings include mixed media and an ethereal-like focal point.  If a potential client is looking for a traditional-realism type of painting, they’ve got the wrong girl and I will let them know up front.  It’s a great opportunity for me to refer them to one of my artist friends specializing in that particular genre.

Second, find an artist within your budget.  Please don’t ever ask an artist to discount his or her work.  If you need to get a smaller size, ask the artist to work with you or to suggest another way that you may acquire their beautiful services whilst staying within your means.  I can’t speak for other artists, but I genuinely want people who love my art, to have my art and I’m flexible to make it happen without devaluing my work.

Last but not least, you’re going to want to make sure you have a signed contract.  Having clear definitions of size, completion date, cost, framing, etc. is going to save you from any potential headaches caused by miscommunication or misunderstanding.  Any artist offering this service should have a contract ready.  I use my own contracts, written in simple terms and go over them with my clients line by line.  

There’s nothing quite like having a remarkable piece of art that tells your story with passion.  It’s a beautiful and timeless gift that will continue to give for many years and generations to come.

--- Jenny King is a professional artist specializing in oils and mixed media of distinct style.

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