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3 things to know when buying art.

There’s a lot of art out there.  Trying to choose just one piece can be daunting.  But buying art doesn’t have to be intimidating.  

Here’s three simple things you need to know when making a decision.  

1.  Buy art you love. How do you know if it’s love?  You will think about that piece often.  It will haunt you until you come back for it.  You will mentally hang it on your wall just to see how it looks.  You may mentally hang it on several walls just to see how it looks there too.   When you buy art you love, it will always have a special place in your heart.

2.  Buy art you love. Don’t buy a piece because it matches your sofa.  Don’t buy a piece because it has the trendy color of the month.  A close friend of mine is lucky because I have actually re-worked that piece they bought to match their sofas five years ago.  They learned the hard way.  You don’t have to. Buy art because it evokes emotion in you.  Buy art because you can’t stop looking at it.  Buy art that inspires you.

3.  Buy art you love. Seriously.  Buy the art YOU love.  Not your interior decorator.  Not your BFF.  Not your mama.  Not your papa.  You.  Buy the art YOU love.  If it doesn’t speak to your people, that’s ok.  I’ve often found that those same people end up loving the piece too.  Either way, it makes a great conversation piece.  

Bonus Tip:  Buy art you love.  Don’t pass it by.  Original art is just that, original.  There is no other piece just like that one you love.  If you let it get away, someone else will take the art you love home with them and they will live happily ever after.  Don’t let someone else have your fairy tale.   Buy the art you love while it's available.   ​ I've always been an artist, yet only became a collector a few years ago.  I love every piece I've ever bought and enjoy telling the story behind each...How I came to acquire it, how I came to know the artist and how the artist explained how he/she created that piece.   

​My only regrets are the ones that got away.~jk

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